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Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Shyftr Filter

Recently, we have been developing a content filtering tool and today we are releasing two variations of it. The first is a collective filter and it can be viewed at:

View Filter

  • Filters can be run against terms within the Title, Author, and/or Article content. There are also a variety of conditions within each that you can set.
  • There are 44 sources this particular filter looks at.
  • You can remove and/or include any combination of the 44 sources for your filter result set. Select the Some Popular sources radio button to see a list of all the sources included in this filter.
  • For a quick result, check out the example filters on the right side of the page.
  • Pull an RSS feed of your filter results and we'll deliver the news to your reader (i.e. google reader, bloglines, myyahoo, etc.).
The second variation of the filter is for publishers. Publishers can now take our filter and offer it to their readers directly from their site. How does this work?
  • We will release invite codes to publishers starting today, and registration is very easy.
  • Once registered, add your source(s).
  • Create your own custom filters to distribute through your site.
  • Embed one of two (or both) widgets on your site.
  • Widget 1 (The Filter): Let your readers build custom filters against your content from your site.
  • Widget 2 (Filters you have created): Offer a widget of pre-built filters you create. The filters take readers directly into the RSS feed.
There are many features that we plan to build into this tool as we move forward. For example, the current release of the filter is our free version. In the future we plan to offer a premium option for those publishers that are interested. We also realize there are aspects of the tool that are missing at the moment, such as faqs, forgot password, welcome email, etc. We'll get them integrated shortly. This is an early release. If you have any questions, comments, or thoughts, please reach out directly to us or submit feedback at:

Get Satisfaction

What does this mean for the current version of Shyftr?

We had to make the difficult decision to cease development on the current Shyftr product and devote our time, effort, and system resources to the filter. Starting today we have removed the ability to register new accounts. In 14 days we'll start removing unused accounts. If you don't use Shyftr but want to grab an OPML file of your feed list, please make sure you do that within the next 2 weeks. If you have been using Shyftr on a regular basis we'll keep your account active. The only change for people actively using Shyftr will be that we are going to move to as we make this transition. Please note that at some point in the not too distant future we're going to phase out the current version of Shyftr as well. We will provide reasonable notice beforehand.

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