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Friday, March 7th, 2008


My Feeds

We added a new tab at the top called My Feeds. This is so you can get directly into the reader, no matter where you are in Shyftr, with one click.


Friends now appear in your profile when added. You can still manage your Top 15.

When you log in, the Home tab no longer appears at the top. If you would like to circle back to that page, there is a Home link at the bottom of the site or you can go to

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Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

Search - Social

Today is a big day for feed and member searches. Here is what's new.

Social feed searches
Feed search results now include:

  • Ability to Shyft the feed
  • The number of people that are subscribed to the feed
  • A random sample of 10 people that are subscribed to the feed (if you mark a feed as private, you will not appear in a feed search result)

You can now run feed searches based on topic. Try searching for a feed using: technology, sports, gossip. When you find a feed that you want to add, you can now see a sample of other people that are already subscribed to it. Maybe they have other feeds that you haven't heard of, but might be interested in. Go for it!

Social search:

If you check, Only show results with feed subscribers (social search), only feeds that have subscribers will show up in the results, and the order in which results are returned are influenced by social elements.


You can now search for users by username or email address. Limited profile information is attached to each user.

You can also search for users based on topic. For example, check out these 3 member searches: new york, tech, guide. Hopefully, this will help you find people that share similar interests.

Our search has taken a big step forward. We've improved on the core of our search engine, and we've added some new features which will hopefully help you add, find, and learn about feeds more effectively.

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Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

New - Notifications

You can now receive email notifications for the following:

  1. When someone leaves you a comment
  2. When someone adds you as a friend
  3. When someone suggests a feed to you, or when someone suggests a content item to you

These settings are turned on by default. If you would like to disable any or all of them, go to the Privacy tab in your preferences, uncheck the notification(s) you would like to disable, and save your settings.

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Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Rolling Out Updates

Today we are rolling out many updates to Shyftr. Some are behind the scenes and some you will notice in your every day use. We're constantly improving the efficiency of the site and the overall experience for our users and wanted to let you know of some improvements.

Behind the Scenes - we cleaned up how the feed list was built. The benefit of this will be noticeable in the time it takes for your feed list to load. The performance of your feed list has been greatly improved.

Folders - You can now view how your friends, guides, and other users organize their feeds.

Your Interface - You can now mark all feeds as read (a current tool available), or you may choose to mark all feeds as read past a certain date. For example, if you go out of town for a week and don't want to sift through 7 full days of back-logged feed entries, but would rather just see the last 2 days of entries you've missed, you can mark the feeds as read "Older than 2 days".

Invite Friends - We have a simple "Invite Your Friends" interface at the top right hand corner of the Shyftr site. In addition, once new friends register, there's a simple list of feeds for them to choose from right from the registration page. This is a "quick start" approach which we think will help new users get started successfully.

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Friday, December 28th, 2007

Our blog has launched

Amongst a very large rollout of new features and site improvements, we've launched the blog. The Daily will now cease to exist as we publish all of Shyftr's updates in the blog.

Shyft the blog so you never have to come back to this page! You won't be hurting our feelings, I promise.

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