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About Shyftr

Shyftr stands for Share Your Feeds Together.

A feed, or RSS (really simple syndication), is a way for content providers to push news, blogs, podcasts, photo streams, and other content directly to you as it becomes available. Think of RSS like web site updates that inform you once the content is published; when a content provider makes changes to a particular section or topic on their site, you will receive notification through Shyftr.

What sets Shyftr apart is how we uniquely tie together RSS and social networking. Do you like feeds that your friends or other users are following? It's simple to "Shyft" a feed and add it to the list of content you read on a daily basis.

Subscribe to Feeds

To subscribe to a feed you simply Shyft the feed to your list.

  • Shyft feeds from your friends and other users
  • Shyft from among the most popular feeds in the community
  • Use Shyftr Guides to find feeds of interest
Customize Profile
  • Upload a custom icon to represent you
  • Personalize your profile page content

You preferences page is also where you can adjust your privacy settings.

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