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Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

I got a little change in my pocket going jingle lingle ling

Today we extend the functionality of your Pocket and how you share it. When we first created the pocket, it was based on the idea that there needs to be a place to save items for future reference. This makes sense for personal use. But the pocket was not friend friendly. So today we introduce the Pocket Blog.

The Pocket Blog:

Your Pocket Blog is an extension of your pocket. It is a standalone page where others can view not just the title of the items you've pocketed, but the entire post. If you know CSS you can customize the look and feel of this page (we'll follow up with another post on Customizing Your Pocket Blog). You can Pick Pocket any item that you come across in another Pocket Blog, addding it to your pocket.

RSS Feed:

You can Shyft or grab the RSS feed of any Pocket Blog. You no longer have to go to your friend's profile page to see what they're saving.

How to use the Pocket Blog:

You must first set your privacy settings to:
  • Profile - Everyone
  • My Pocket - Everyone
How to get to a Pocket Blog:
  • Select the Pocket tab on your or a friend's profile page
  • Select Pocket Blog link at the top of the list

At the top of your friend's Pocket Blog are buttons to Shyft the Pocket Blog or grab the RSS feed so you can use it elsewhere.

As we introduce the Pocket Blog today, sharing your pocket and following others has become a whole lot easier.

Posted by Dave Stanley

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